• Meeting Information

    Sunday, to 8:30 pm

    • Big Book
    • Literature
    • Wheelchair Access
    • Young People

    Anyone with a desire to stop drinking is welcome to attend Sober Sundays Meeting. We suggest others (student observers, researchers, friends and family) attend open AA meetings.

    This is a student-run meeting on campus. Students in recovery are encouraged to attend.

    We begin reading the Big Book starting at the Doctor's Opinion in August. Each week we pick up where we left off, read the next few pages, and then discuss the reading.

    This meeting meets at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center during the Fall and Spring semesters, and at the HUB during the Summer Session.

  • Pasquerilla Spiritual Center/Eisenhower Chapel

    Allen Rd
    State College, PA

  • Updated 11/17/2019