Group History Form

The following questions are guidelines for a Group History. There are no rules for documenting your group’s history but involving as many group members as possible is suggested to ensure accuracy. When you compile and submit your Group’s information it will become a District 43 archival record. The more information you submit, the more information you can retrieve further on down the road when memories fade and group dynamics change.


Group History Form
Our history is important! Thank you for taking the time to tell us details about your Homegroup and its history. The information you share about your group will be given to the Archives Committee and will be preserved for future generations of A.A. to read.


When your Group History is compiled and you are ready to submit it, make a final review. Have you included everything that you think a future reader would need to know about your group?

Thank you for helping to preserve our local history for future members.



You can also print out the Group History Form and take it back to your group to discuss together.